Sunday, March 19, 2017

Stripling Warrior

Bent Palm tree across from the
meetinghouse in Mu'a.  It seems
to be getting lower all the time.
(Sisters Pauni and Moeata)
We frequently bring missionaries to the walk-in dental clinic on Mondays. This provides us time to visit and really get to know them better.  This week we took two sister missionaries, and after their dental appointment on Monday, they sang a Tongan hymn for us.  I had to record it.  It is being sung by Sister Pauni (left) and Sister Moeata (right) currently serving in Mu'a.  The song is Hymn #15 from the Tongan hymn book "Ko Sisu ko e Maka-tuliki"  (Merrily Merrily over the Sea) and can be viewed on YouTube by clicking here.  It was all impromptu, one take and it's worth a listen and maybe a share ;-).

We have had opportunities to go on teaching visits with the Elders.  Sometimes it is obvious that people are just looking to belittle our religion.  We do our best to teach the doctrine, bear witness of the truth and pray for the Spirit to touch them.  We are amazed as the Spirit leads us to say and do things that may be out of character for us.  I have become pretty outgoing on occasion as we meet and greet members and investigators.  That is not something that comes naturally to me until I get to know people, I'm usually pretty reserved.  In fact, Lepeka has turned to me on several occasions and asked, "Who is this guy?" (referring to me).  I just smile at her (she is getting the same way but don't tell her).  "We love being busy!

The young missionaries are so bold as they proclaim the Gospel to the world.  We know they are in tune with the Spirit.  We continue to have special experiences here as we serve.  I think the grandma/grandpa thing is pretty real as we relate to the young elders and sisters.  There are several now who call us grandma and grandpa Kapp.
Another wounded "Stripling Warrior"
ready to return to action (slight ankle sprain).

Sister Kapp is so good with the young missionaries, they all love her.  She bandages them up and I provide the lolly's (Blow-pops).  I think my medicine actually cures most of them but I continue to let Lepeka think it's her medicine.

Transfers coming up next week and seven new missionaries are coming in.  One Elder and six sisters from what we can see.  It will be interesting to see who goes where.  We have developed some great relationships and we're looking forward to getting to know the next group as they move around, some possibly coming from other islands we haven't had the opportunity to meet yet.

Three more senior couples left this week.  We have about five senior couples who are leaving in March or early April.  We are only aware of one couple coming to replace the depleted ranks.  We look forward to meeting them and have been able to communicate via email with them.  If you know any retired parents you would like to send away for 18-23 months, This is a great place where you wouldn't have to worry about them. Kind of like a retirement home but with daily activities that will keep their minds and body active.

For those of you following our blog ... I know it's compelling, you may remember our flat tire experience (it's in the gang wars post if you didn't get a chance to read it).  Well, it took about five days to get our repaired tire back and I had just left it in the back of the van.  I finally got up my energy on Monday to change it back so they all matched.  Everything went well until Saturday night when we headed out for an appointment with the Elders and realized it was flat again (same tire but this time in our driveway).  Lepeka let our appointment know we might be a few minutes late and I got busy changing the tire.  I took about fifteen minutes and we were back on our way.  I hope this doesn't become a theme.  At least I had a short sleeved white shirt and was able to avoid getting it dirty.

One of my favorite photos of Dad.  It captures
so well his personality and love for life.  I miss
this man and hope to live worthy to be part of his
and mom's eternal family.
Sorry to those who didn't know my dad but I needed to add my thoughts to this blog as we marked the tenth year anniversary of his passing the week (Pi day, Mar. 14, 2007 or 3.14).   I feel his presence in my life often not in spirit but in memories and the strength of his testimony in me.  I hope to be able to become what he dreamed of for me.  I know what "WWJD" means to everyone but I occasionally slip in the name Jack.  I think he always tried to what the savior would do as well.   Outside of Christ, he is my hero!  His obit can be viewed here.

I know why Nephi started out by saying he was born of goodly parents.  I certainly feel the same way.  What a tremendous blessing that has been in my life.  I will be eternally grateful to mom and dad for the unconditional love they have always shown me as they taught me correct principles and provided such good examples of service to the Lord and their fellowmen.

Please keep the comments and email coming, we cherish each one and read them frequently.  It makes home seem much closer.  We've been able to chat with a few of you on the phone and that really lifts our spirit as well.

I've tried to add a couple of video files at the bottom.  Hopefully, they will work for you.  Our connection is so slow here that it is almost impossible to test.

God Bless!

More of one of the Kuli gangs.  They barked a bit but wanted no part of this
big puaka.

L-R, Sister Kapp, Elder Kapp, Elder Hutchinson and Elder Faleao
Just before transfers.

Riding in the back of an open truck is commonplace
(much like when I was a kid).  Most loads are unsecured
using real live Tongans as bungee chords.

Age doesn't seem to matter either.

Road sign for Fefē ho Lotō (see below for other side).

Same sign other side.

Afternoon rainstorm on Saturday.  It lasted about 15 minutes
then went away.

Ants carrying a monga monga (cockroach).


  1. Excellent share! Thanks so much. I miss Grandpa quite often. I still come across his name at work on files and blueprints. Such a great man. Keep up the good work! Love you guys. Cody and Sharice.

    1. The most important things to him was to serve the Lord and take care of mom.

  2. You got me with that picture Ken, I miss that man so much. No one else can fill that spot in my life. I'm so happy that you are having such a great experience at this time of your lives. Being grandma and grandpa Kapp is pretty special and the missionaries do love the couples. love you as always, mom

    1. I looked through several before I decided on that one. I tcaptures his personality so well. Lov you mom!

  3. Dear Elder and Sister Krapp, May the Lord continue to bless you as you continue to care for our beloved missionaries.

    1. Thank you so much! We feel so blessed by the Lord as we feel his Spirit daily. The missionaries bless our lives so much it is a pleasure to serve them. We hope to be able to keep them healthy and strong!