Missionary Photos

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Elder Zundell (Utah) and Elder Tukuhaukava (Tonga)
Tuesday morning September 12th, 2017

Sister Tui'one greets Elder Cho (Taiwan) as he returns to Tongatapu
from the island of Otea just prior to completing his mission.  You can
see how much they grow to love their missionaries.
(Shared from the Nuku'alofa mission FB page with permission)

L-R, Elder Wolfgang (California), Elder Supo (Tonga)
Serving in Ha'afeva and now able to use email (Aug. 2017)

Elder Woods (Tennessee) and Elder Eukaliti (Tonga) at their MQ  Aug. 26,  2017

Elder Akoteu (California), Elder Lavaka (Tonga), Elder O'Reilly (Washington),
Elder Kau (Tonga) before their district conference at Ma'afonga

 L-R, Elder Stark (Idaho),  Elder Despain (Philadelphia),  Elder Larson (Utah)

L-R,  Elder Christensen (Utah),  Elder  Nonu(Utah),
Elder Teh (Malaysia), Elder Robinson (Utah) Headed home.

Elder Rosales (Utah) and Elder Chou (Taiwan)

Elder Kalanite (Grant) (Utah) and Sister Kapp
discussing the finer points of boil prevention.

Elder Enos (Hawaii) - self-reliant

From left Elder Earl (Utah), me, Lekepa, Elder Faleao (Utah)
Center two: Elder Mafi (Washington) Elder Tukuhaukava (Tonga)

Elder Mafi (Washington) at zone conference July 2017

'Eua missionaries center two: Elder Teh (Malaysia) Elder Mafi (Washington)

The Sister AP's both from Tonga: Sister Ramsay and Sister Matakaiongo

Elder Takelo (Tonga) and Elder Enos (Hawaii) (Zone leaders for Hihifo Zone)

Elder Mortenson (Washington) and Elder Purdy (Utah) (Office Elders - July 2017)

Back L;R, Sister and Elder Hafoka (Centerville), Elder and Sister Kapp,
Sister and Elder Tautua'a (Tonga)
front Elder Mortenson (Washington), Elder Purdy (Utah) (July 2017)

Elder Wilson (Utah) and Elder Woods (Tennessee), dinner at the Kapp's  (June 2017)
We didn't eat the shredded wheat for dinner but Elder Wilson wanted to be holding some
American food.

At the Hospital Elder Kau (Tonga) with his tiny hoa (companion)
who wants to be a mormon now (June 2017)

You know the red head, Sister Ve'ehala (Tonga) Sister Walter (Hawaii)

The Elder Kolopoki (Groberg) devotional at Liahona Stake Center June 17, 2017

Elder and Sister Groberg - June 17, 2017 (celebrating his 83rd birthday in Tonga)

Elder Hutchinson (Utah) and Elder Faleao (Utah) Dinner Nguatualei

Sister Moeata, you know the middle person, Sister Pauni.  Both sisters from Tonga

Elder Siale (Arizona) and Elder Mleka (Tonga)

Elder Faleao (Utah), Elder Mafi (Washington) and
Elder Malimali (Tonga) headed to Church

Elder Woods (Tennessee) and Elder Purdy (Utah)
Making Fudge to pass out in the community - May 16, 2017

Elder Tavo (Tonga) and Elder Bethke (Maryland) at Sabrina's Chicken

Elder Purdy (Utah) and Elder Tua'one (Florida)

Elder MaliMali (Tonga) Elder Mafi (Washington St.) Elder Faleao (Utah)
Dinner at the Kapp's home

L-R, (back row) Elder Soakai, Elder Sopu, Elder St. Clair, Elder Laulea
(front row) Sister Malungahu, Sister Vea, Elder Ofa, Elder Moala

Elder Pakalani and President Tui'one (President Tui'one's Birthday luncheon)

Elder Vave, future missionary Elder Bingham
We drove past them they were deep in scripture study.

Elder and Sister Funaki

Elder and Sister Radmacher (California)

Elder Manu (Utah), Elder Cox (Utah) Elder Winward (Idaho), Elder Wilson (Utah)
A little hoops on P-day

Elder Tutone (Tonga) Elder Robinson (Utah)

Elder Talisa (Australia) Elder Lasike (Australia)

Elder Yuan (Taiwan)  Elder Tua'one (Florida) lunch in Nukunuku

Elder Chuo (Taiwan) Elder Tai (California)  Elder Teh (Malaysia)

This is a photo of President and Sister Sione (Mission President)
in the office on Sunday Feb. 26, 2016.  They are amazing
people with an amazing family.

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