Sunday, March 26, 2017


I spent most of this week a little bit under the weather (please don't tell my mom - she'll worry).  I'm feeling much better today.  I have access to a great nurse who had me on the mend pretty quickly.  She tells many of the new missionaries that it may take a little while for them to acclimate to the new surroundings, new food, high humidity and lots of walking (I guess it applies to me as well).  She gives out TLC with her meds and the missionaries all love her.  I think I've mentioned that several of them now affectionately call her "grandma".

L-R, Sister Ramsay from Tonga and Sister Paletu'a from NZ
Such a great Spirit and personality about these two.
The missionaries are absolutely amazing!  They are so committed to serving the Lord and most try really hard to follow the rules to invite the Spirit into their lives in everything they do.  We had transfers earlier this week and I am amazed at how quickly new "life-long" friendships are cemented, even as they long to stay close to their previous hoa's (companions).  They are quickly out and about in full force after moving and unpacking.

We love having the missionaries over for dinner (or lunch) whenever possible and we occasionally get some drop-ins from missionaries in our area.  One drop in visit happened during this past week after Lepeka had just baked some chocolate chip cookies (CCC's).  Sister Paletu'a wasn't feeling too well but did feel well enough to eat a grilled cheese sandwich (since she hadn't eaten lunch yet) and have some CCC's and several glasses of milk after which she said she was feeling much better.

Sister Paletu'a asked Lepeka how to make the cookies so we invited them to come over on their p-day to bake cookies if they would also sing for us (which they agreed to).  They came prepared to bake but were also fed spaghetti before the "Becky Crocker" lesson (several dozen cookies).  Sister Paletu'a also wanted to learn to play the ukulele and they loved our version of Ofa i 'Api (Love at Home), so I taught her the cords and she was strumming away in no time with the biggest grin on her face.  They were so happy and grateful and said this was their favourite p-day ever!  Oh, they also sang for us, you can see it on youtube by clicking here.

On Friday, we also saw a "tapa cloth" laid out for drying and decorating.  They gave us permission to take a photo even though it isn't finished.  They use the tapa cloths for special occasions, weddings, funerals, etc.  They are made from the bark of trees and you can hear the thud, thud, thud as they beat the bark flat and then pound them together to make large mats.

There is a really neat web site where you can see in detail (photos and description) the process they go through.  It is very educational and worth a read if you have a few minutes (com'on get yerself a little culture).  You can find it by clicking here then just scroll down to be amazed.  It's not a long read but very interesting and the photos are great (especially if one of your kids need to do a report for school).

We'll keep adding missionary photos to our "Missionary Photo" page (you can click the link above).  They are posted with permission from each Elder or Sister and they seem pretty excited to pose for us at the drop of a hat.

We have been given the assignment to present Family Home Evening for the Senior couples on Monday night.  We all get together for a lesson and this is our week so since Lepeka is baking more cookies, I guess I'll get the lesson prepared.  Lots of rain the past two days ... did I mention that I LOVE the rain?!?!


L-R, Elder Mataele, Elder Sopu, Elder Tua'ona, Elder Lasike,
Elder Talisa, Elder Purdy, kneeling in front Elder Takapu.
Taken on transfer day March 20, 2017 at Longolongo MQ.

At dusk in the field across from Liahona campus, just after Rugby practice.
They all started posing and waving as we stopped to take the photo.

Trimming the hedge along the fence behind our apartment with his machete.

We don' need no stinkin' tie downs!

Tongan Military marching in the hot sun in full uniform.

Rain water capture system at one of the MQ's.


  1. Mom wonders what ailment you had of course but knows that you are representing the Lord and in His care. (and Becky's) Love being able to talk to you each week. Your name is on the prayer roll at the temple and in my heart. Love you both so much mom

    1. I think worrying is in a mom's DNA. We do appreciate the prayers, love and concern. Love you too mom!

  2. We love you and your work. Love the son.

  3. I love this pictures! What a lovely place to serve with such amazing and kind people. They are so Happy! Thanks for keeping us posted.

    1. We are enjoying serving here. It is a lovely place to serve and you're right, they are amazing people.

  4. Looks like you drive on the left side of the road