Monday, January 2, 2017

Happy New Year!

(T-minus 8 days to the MTC)

We attended the Bountiful Tongan ward today and found out that we certainly have a long way to go with the language.  It was such a great experience and the people we met are so loving and accepting and outwardly friendly.  We can't help but be excited to actually get to Tonga.

I have attached a copy of the Sacrament meeting program.  The words to the Naaghi Himi (Hymns) are on the right side.  The English title is listed as well so you can try to fit the words to the music.  They do love to sing.

A few Tongan words you might find:

Pisope = Bishop
Fua    = First (or initial)
Lotu   = Prayer
Hiva   = Sing (or Song)
Lea    = Language (or speaker)
Tuku   = To quit (or stop)

(You may be able to figure a few others out on your own.  You can post any questions and we'll try to answer.)


  1. Kenny did you wear your skirt to church?

    1. It's called a Tupenu, however, I think I'll wait until I get to Tonga. No need to explain there.

  2. We have struggled with Spanish. Tongan is way over our pay grade. It is exciting to be in your shoes and we wish you well. We also look forward to giving you a personal wish on Saturday.
    Right now we are in the Buenos Aires airport and concerned about coming home to winter.

    1. We're looking forward to seeing you soon even if it's only for a short time before we leave. You've been in our prayers constantly.